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ASAE is responsible for the discipline of the economic activities in the food and non-food sectors, by monitoring and preventing the enforcement of regulation legislation. ASAE is a national authority, with administrative autonomy, that acts as a police and law enforcement body, being the national liaison body with its counterpart organizations, either European, either International level.

ASAE - Central and Regional Control Services

The structure of ASAE covers the whole country and several Central and Regional Control Services. As a matter of fact, ASAE inspection activity covers all places where there should be any industrial activity, particularly of finished products and or intermediate, tourist, commercial, agricultural, livestock, slaughtering, fishing, including recreational fishing activity or any activity of rendering of services, warehouses, offices, notaries, transportation, cold stores, tourism enterprises, local accommodation, travel agencies, tourism companies, camps, casinos and bingos, food and beverage establishments, nightclubs and bars, canteens and cafeterias, medical and dental clinics, veterinary clinics, pharmacies and medical stores of pharmaceuticals, hairdressers and beauty centers, fairgrounds or shows, play areas and recreation, infrastructure, equipment and sports facilities, health clubs, ports, stations and air terminals, without prejudice to the powers assigned by law to other entities.

This action is supported by a scientific area, namely: laboratory and assessment and risk communication. Technical and scientific quality of the acts is a condition for sustainability of the organization.

The ASAE’s laboratories are accredited in over 127 methods in the agri-food area, which are divided among the activities developed by the Physical Chemistry Laboratory (LFQ); Drinks and Wine-Product (LBPV) and Microbiology (LM).

The area of risk assessment with, direct or indirect, impact in food safety is ensured by ASAE through public and transparent communication of these risks and also through promotion and dissemination of food safety information to consumers. In this context, ASAE is the national liaison body with its counterpart organizations at European and international level, through the appointment as the focal point of the EFSA on scientific and technical issues.

At present, ASAE has cooperation agreements with most countries of the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community (CPLP), providing collaboration in training; organization and institutional development; technical and expert support; material resources support; laboratory support; cooperation in organizing events, meetings and forums and exchange of information.

In addition to the already established, ASAE also develops an intense activity within European Union (being the national focal point for EFSA) and in the European Work Teams, which are very important centers for exchanging experiences and developing benchmarks and common in different issues, including food crises.

As ASAE has under its responsibility either the economic surveillance, either food safety, cooperation with other countries has developed, in most cases, with more than one counterparts covering areas as Public Health and Food Safety, Industrial Property and Business Practices, and even Environment and Security.

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